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We offer services and programs that address practice management needs; design processes to transition clinical practices to population health management; and align practices with risk-based reimbursement to deliver value-based care. Summit Strategic Solutions is an experienced partner, empowering providers and health plans to successfully:
Reduce practice operating and healthcare network delivery cost
Increase revenues
Strategically navigate the healthcare industry transformation to value based care

Value Based Strategies

Revenue Cycle / Practice Management

Information Technology



Population Health Management

I often consider a referral to health education as the first line choice even before starting medication. I am seeing significant reduction in A1C, not to mention an overall healthier lifestyle. This approach serves to enlist patients in their own healthcare and not rely solely on the healthcare system for their wellness. It also serves to improve my time with the patient delegating what can be done by others so I can focus on physician-specific tasks.
Clyde Worley, M.D., primary care physician, Summit Medical Group

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Value-based Care

Our relationship with Summit Strategic Solutions ensures that the provider and health plan work together to develop fee structures that are ideal for both the member and the provider.
Doug Haaland, chief executive officer, Humana Medicare Southeastern Division

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Practice Management

Summit Strategic Solutions helps provides the business structure to manage more than 50 primary care practice locations in East Tennessee. From compliance and contracting to account collections, revenue cycle management and information technology infrastructure, Summit Strategic Solutions helps Summit Medical Group perform successfully daily, meeting the healthcare needs of the region.
Ed Curtis, chief executive officer, Summit Medical Group

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