The healthcare industry continues to be fundamentally transformed in the areas of improved patient care, improved patient engagement, lower costs of care, and provider well-being and satisfaction. Realizing this “Quadruple Aim” of healthcare transformation entails changes across the entire healthcare landscape. Changes are taking place in provider practice business operations and management; healthcare payment models and contract performance metrics with public and private carriers; the growth of self-funded employer health plans; and consumer-focused payment models (for example, high-deductible plans and direct primary care).

Summit Strategic Solutions offers a complete range of services and solutions developed to help physician practices, health insurance plans, and self-insured employers gain a strategic, competitive, and financial edge in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. We provide expertise in the strategic, administrative, and operational services needed to achieve all four goals captured in the Quadruple Aim.

Summit Strategic Solutions has a compelling vision for transforming the healthcare delivery landscape by providing superlative management and consumer-focused healthcare solutions. Our approach is to investigate, experiment, create, and market healthcare delivery models that will perform well in a value-based healthcare environment. In support of these efforts, Summit Strategic Solutions seeks outside business partners/investors for expansion and scaling business operations and healthcare delivery throughout the country.

In addition to a Management Services Organization (MSO), Summit Strategic Solutions also includes an accountable and value-based care services division, coordinating care for Medicare Advantage patients.