Information Technology Services and Solutions

Information Technology (IT) has become fundamental to business. In healthcare, “business” means lower-cost patient care, better patient engagement, and higher-quality outcomes. Assessing your healthcare business’ current needs and defining and implementing an Information Technology Road Map is what the Summit Strategic Solutions IT Services Group has done for almost 20 years. We have packaged this expertise into a range of services to help you optimize your business Return On Investment (ROI) from IT.

Summit Strategic Solutions offers Advisory Services for those customers seeking to fully complement and enhance the business and clinical skills and expertise of their existing healthcare IT team. We also offer a range of full service offerings that are ideal for those customers seeking to fully outsource their healthcare IT management needs.

Advisory Services

For those practices not yet fully committed to undertaking the migration to an electronic health record or practice system, the Summit Strategic Solutions Practice Management and/or Electronic Health Record System Readiness Assessment Service (RAS) will identify gaps in patient care, revenue cycle performance, and payor contract execution that can be improved through the deployment of electronic practice and clinical documentation systems. Based on practice size (small, medium, or large), Summit Strategic Solutions will provide return on investment (ROI) guidance that can be used to justify the investment in new technology infrastructure.
SSS IT Consultation

Summit Strategic Solutions consultants utilize a multi-stage workflow to ensure your business requirements are fully captured, detailed, and understood before conducting analysis and solution recommendation. We work closely with our clients to ensure there won’t be any surprises at the end of the consultation, and that there is clear value in the results delivered.

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Full-Service Offerings

Information Technology is complex. Setting up and configuring the systems for your healthcare practice requires knowing how to specify, procure, test, and deploy computers and software systems. That is just the start. Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record systems are delivered by vendors with little to no setup and configuration for doing business. Note forms, order and results, interfaces, charge interfaces, EDI interfaces, provider setup, access privileges, workflows, and more need to be defined and implemented.

Client Doctors Using HIT

Summit Strategic Solutions offers a full range of Information Technology Services that will free your practice group from the risks and challenges related to implementing Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record systems. Leveraging our expertise and experience with Allscripts TouchWorks and GE Centricity Group Management, Summit Strategic Solutions will lead the setup, launch, and support of a fully configured Electronic Health Record System for your practice group. We will configure Allscripts to work with an existing Practice Management System, or with a newly selected Practice Management System chosen as a result of a Vendor Selection Advisory Service engagement.

Key Information Technology services we offer include:

Service Area Service Elements / Workflow Steps
Allscripts EHR Deployment Service Convert your paper-based clinical notes with the Allscripts TouchWorks Electronic Medical Record System. Allscripts is a top-rated EHR and is used by small to large primary care and specialty practice groups worldwide. Summit Strategic Solutions’ expertise in Allscripts setup, maintenance, and operations is extensive, and includes all aspects of clinical notes, orders and results, HL7 interfacing, and lab system and PACS interfacing. If you have an existing practice management system, Allscripts can interface seamlessly with it, or we can stand up a new practice management solution using the GE Group Management Groupcast Practice Management System.
GE Group Management Deployment Service Upgrade your billing and revenue cycle processes and workflows with the latest release of the GE Centricity Group Management Groupcast System. This “workhorse” practice management system has an over 20-year track record of providing robust service to a wide range of practice groups worldwide. When combined with the Allscripts EHR and Summit Strategic Solutions’ expertise in setup, configuration, and operations, you can rest assured of maximizing your practice revenue collections, regardless of your area of specialty or healthcare payment model.
Data Network Design and Implementation Service In today’s data intensive healthcare business, seamlessly interconnecting your geographically disparate locations is no easy task. Deciding how much to invest and what to invest in can be a complex task, even for practice groups with dedicated IT personnel. The Data Network Design and Implementation Service provides a one-stop service for defining and implementing a private data network to enable your healthcare practice to conduct operations using the latest digital information technology. Summit Strategic Solutions will work with you to identify your key networking requirements and will identify and present top-tier network vendor proposals for your consideration and selection. We include an investment ROI and a road map you can use to plan the evolution of your data network along with the growth of your business.
Data Network Security Design and Implementation Service Data security and the protection of patient data can no longer be an afterthought. While having policies and procedures to educate and train employees is critical to ensuring security, having a well-designed network security design is fundamental to ensuring your healthcare business is not open to various forms of cyber attack and vulnerability. The Summit Strategic Solutions Data Network Security Design and Implementation Service provides an excellent way for you to access your current level of cybersecurity readiness, and to offer you recommendations and projected costs for strengthening your protections against attack.
Custom Software or Database Development Service Summit Strategic Solutions offers software development expertise that enables the creation of custom Allscripts features, or specialized databases for the collection and reporting of specialized data sets. Our team of software engineers utilize the latest in engineering tools and methodologies to rapidly prototype systems for customer feedback. We then iterate through short cycle time development cycles of two or four weeks to refine and complete the required systems.
Decision Support and Reporting Whether from Allscripts or Group Management data, or data from a third-party population health analytics system, lab system, or other clinical or practice management system, the Summit Strategic Solutions Decision Support team can help you capture, analyze, and report on your business critical data. Using SQL Server for database development and a variety of SQL reporting tools, the Summit Strategic Solutions Decision Support Team can quickly help you solve your business data analysis challenges to help you gain meaningful insights.
Training Curriculum Development Service Summit Strategic Solutions has a team of content experts in all aspects of practice management and electronic medical record systems to help you develop customized training modules or videos. We can deploy content online or use a Learning Management System (LMS) to enable your end users to get the most from their time investment in education.

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